The ID.LOCK® renders waste containers/dumpsers virtually inaccessible to
the General Public, including those using Break-in techniques such as bolt
cutters and crow bars.

Greatly reduces IDENTITY THEFT - One of the fastest growing theft crimes
in North America

Identity thieves retrieve a high percentage of information from waste containers. This information can be used to RE-PRODUCE: S.I.N., CREDIT CARD, DIRECT DEBIT AND BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS. Access to one's Life Savings!

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The Problems


A Solution: ID.LOCK®
A Solution: ID.LOCK



Lock Swivel Rolls Between Lids Into Internal Lock Box Pocket.


A Concealed Lock Box is Effective.

Lock Swivel is Not Hacksawable.


Padlock Up & Out of Reach of Bolt Cutters & Crow Bars.


Plastic Lid - Lid's Closed

Lock is in Closed Position


Metal Lid - Lid's Closed

Lock is In Open Position

Superior Fire Resistant



Single Bar - Canada Patent No. 2,430,573, U.S.A. Patent No. 6,851,288, Made in Canada

Double Bar - Canada Patent No. 2,463,207, U.S.A. Patent No. 7,234,327, Made in Canada